Board of Directors » Equity Leadership Steering Committee

Equity Leadership Steering Committee

2023-24 Committee Members

Kim Vine, Board Member, Chair

Tim Valenti, Board Member

Jeff Porter, Superintendent of Schools

Susie Robbins, Director of Academic Services

Mar-E Trebilcock, GMS 6-8 Principal

Jackie Hayes, GHS Assistant Principal for Student Services

Katie Campbell, Social Worker, GMS 4-5 Representative

Rich Taylor, Teacher, GHS

Yazi Azel, Teacher, MIW

Jordan Coull, Student

Shana Cook Mueller, Community

Sarah Allenby, Community


Mission Statement

The Equity Leadership Steering Committee promotes continuous learning, skill building, and dialogue in MSAD #51 to create a learning and work environment in our schools which is inclusive, free from discrimination, and that strives to eliminate barriers to success for all students and employees.


Shared Definition of Equity

Equity is a dynamic system that addresses past and present inequalities and constantly evaluates conditions to ensure that all people have unhindered access to the resources and opportunities that enable them to thrive.