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Curriculum Committee

Committee Members
Tom McGuinness, Board Member, Co-Chair
Christina Mitchell, Board Member
Jared Levin, Board Member
Tommy Leggat-Barr, Board Student Rep.
Jason Record, Ex Officio    
Susie Robbins, Director of Academic Services, Co-Chair
Jeff Porter, Superintendent
Curriculum Committee Mission
The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to stay connected to, and provide broad oversight of,
current academic priorities as outlined in the district’s Strategic Plan.
  1. Approve major changes in academic practice, including but not limited to:
    • New academic programs;
    • Elimination of academic programs;
    • Shift in programming philosophy

  2. Monitor and evaluate district and school-level academic goals through the Strategic Planning and Site-level Improvement Planning (SLIP) process.

  3. Schedule and hear presentations from various staff groups regarding pertinent academic issues and changes.