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School Building Project

Superintendent Update:

Many thanks for the support shown by stakeholders in approving the school and campus plan. Since 2019, four designs for four separate locations have been developed by architects, ad hoc committees, and Boards to reach the outcome that finally came to fruition at the polls. Though there were (and continue to be) different perspectives on this project, and the components contained within, it is now time to start the important work of aligning the campus for the foreseeable future. Whether you supported the plan or not, please know that the district will do everything possible to ensure that the final product is a source of pride for the entire community.
It is too early to have many details, but there are some initial steps that will begin over the next few weeks, such as closing on the half-acre of property that was part of the bond, working with the architects to develop a complete project schedule, and forming a building committee. As the project is multi-dimensional, there will be several phases of design refinement and construction that will occur over the next three years to address the new school facility, parking and traffic upgrades, maintenance building, MIW addition and upgrades, and turf field. I am relieved that we finally have a permanent plan to address current and projected enrollment increases after five years of planning and delays. It's been needed for some time now and I am thankful that the community responded affirmatively.

Plan of Financing