Update from the Superintendent - May 2, 2024

One of the important aspects of the proposed new school/one campus project that goes to voters on June 11 is the removal of all temporary space, to which we currently have 29 modular classrooms in order to accommodate enrollment expansion since 2015. Right now, 34% of all PK-8 students at MIW and GMS are learning in temporary space, mostly at MIW, with the district expending $563,836 in lease payments during the 2023-24 school year.

Starting in 2025-26, temporary space needs will begin increasing at GMS as the enrollment continues to move through the grades. Between 2025-2034, the number of PK-8 students learning in modular classrooms will climb to 52% at an annual cost of $934,000 by 2034. State aid is anticipated to offset some of the costs between 2024-29 (though not guaranteed), with a 5-year cap on state funds available for temporary space as the state expects districts to find a more permanent solution after that.
The district has already expended $3,857,039 over the last decade on temporary space leases and accompanying set up costs.

Absent a permanent plan to address enrollment growth, temporary space costs are estimated to cost an additional $6,987,796 over the next 10 years. All told, temporary space is estimated to cost MSAD 51 taxpayers $10,844,835 over the 19-year period between 2015-34, if no other solution materializes.

Information about financing the new school/one campus plan, including the tax effect, is now available. Please see Board Chair Leanne Candura's message below, along with the finance plan infographics, to learn more.