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Safety & Security Committee

2023-24 Safety & Security Committee Membership

Board of Directors Members District Members School Representative Members Law Enforcement Members Fire Department Members
Denny Gallaudet Jeff Porter, Superintendent
Don Gray,
GHS Asst. Principal
Chip Rumsey,
Cumberland Police Chief
Dan Small,
Cumberland Fire Chief
Megan Lichter
Scott Poulin,
Director of Operations
Carol MacArthur,
GMS 4-5 Principal
Mindy Coe,
Cumberland Police Caption
Greg Payson,
North Yarmouth Fire Chief
Don Foster,
Facilities Supervisor
Jason Lariviere,
GMS 6-8 Asst. Principal
Amie Owen,
School Resource Officer
Cory Munsey,
MIW Principal
Eric Bell,
School Resource Officer
Heather Daigle,
GMS 6-8 Teacher/Association
Abbie Couture,
DA's Office
Peter Scott,
GHS Social Worker
Erica Sarapas,
Nurse GHS