About Us

The Greely Center for the Arts advances the mission of our district and engages and strengthens our community through the performing and visual arts.
Greely Center for the Arts is a center of:

LEARNING through authentic experiences and enhancement of curricula.
LEADERSHIP where students are provided diverse opportunities to learn, excel, and inspire.
ENGAGEMENT through creative exploration. 
EXPRESSION where the diverse voices of our District are encouraged, heard, and celebrated. 
INCLUSION where all are welcomed, regardless of age, ability, interests, or background.
CULTURE where the Arts are celebrated and woven into the fabric of our community. 
The Purpose of the GCA is to:
  • Develop and strengthen 21st century learning skills such as effective communication, creative expression and collaboration, public speaking and debate.
  • Provide enhanced opportunities for teaching and learning outside of the traditional classroom.
  • Provide a venue for the performances of Greely students.
  • Provide a public gallery to share the visual artwork of our students and community.
  • Increase access of all K-12 students to the Performing Arts and to a platform from which they are heard.  
  • Enhance all opportunities for students to learn and assist the operations and technology of the facility.
  • Foster opportunities for intergenerational community members to share and teach their knowledge and skills.
  • Provide a venue for the professional development of teachers and staff.
  • Provide a forum for civic engagement and community gatherings.
Covid-19 Update
At this time, MSAD #51 Greely Center for the Arts, will not be available for any use, other than compliant internal district related activities.
Inquiries for future rental opportunities or information regarding rental fees, facility capabilities, and restriction should be directed to Scott Poulin at [email protected] or 829-4800.
MSAD #51 Greely Center for the Arts looks forward to once again providing a venue for the arts, welcoming community members in support of our mission, and especially the many talented students of MSAD #51.