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The mission of MSAD #51 is to guide all students as they acquire enthusiasm for learning, assume responsibility for their education, achieve academic excellence, and discover and attain their personal best.          

  1. Creating leaders and global citizens prepared to thrive in a changing world.
  2. The 21st Century requires an education that prepares students to live and work in an increasingly connected world.
  3. Students progress academically, understand diverse perspectives, and contribute to local and global communities.
  4. Teachers apply research-based approaches to enhance students’ mastery of core academic knowledge by integrating these essential skills: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity/Innovation, Critical Thinking, and Citizenship.
  1. We believe in an educational culture that focuses on students and their sustained learning.
    • All students will have the opportunity to engage in personalized intellectual work.
    • Our curriculum and teaching practices will be rigorous, intellectually engaging, and informed by assessment.
  2. We believe students will be motivated to pursue lifelong learning in an environment that encourages creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.
    • Learning must be promoted anytime, anywhere, and through multiple pathways.
  3. We believe the ability to adapt and respond to change is essential.
    • If students, staff, and our communities are flexible and proactive, student learning will thrive.
  4. We believe in promoting a safe, caring and ethical learning environment.
    • Each person will be treated with respect and fairness.
    • Individuals are recognized, valued and supported.
  5. We believe quality education is an investment in our students, our staff, and our communities.
    • We are committed to fiscal responsibility and long-term planning.
    • We are committed to providing the highest value education within the resources available.
  6. We believe all staff members play an integral part in the education of our students.
    • Continuous professional staff development is necessary to achieve our mission.
  7. We believe students, staff, families, and community members have a personal and collective responsibility in the educational process.
  • Wellness: Foundation for Teaching & Learning: Promote wellness initiatives that advance and sustain healthy, balanced, and well-rounded students and staff.
  • Early Childhood Education, The Critical Building Block: Review the district's long-term elementary education program and structure, including options for three and four year olds, optimal grade spans, and facilities that address projected enrollment increases over the next decade.
  • Every Student College & Career Ready: Working together as a district, we can find the right answers to these key questions: What should students learn?  How do we know they’re learning it? What do we do when they’re not learning it?  What do we do when they already know it?  Focusing on the vital nature of literacy, while continuing to promote STEM, will ensure college and career readiness.
  • Skills for the 21st Century.  Skills for Life: Students are more likely to engage when learning is meaningful and relevant.  Fostering creativity, innovation, and personalization enhances the learning process. Extend access to pathways for all high school students through connections to meaningful career-related field experiences.