Update from the Superintendent - June 15, 2023

As we say goodbye to the 2023-24 school year, I would like to thank the community for supporting all three bond questions this week. Not only did the district budget pass with strong support, but voters approved a $1 million renovation to the GHS science wing and the purchase of 2.3 acres of abutting land to the campus. The land purchase carries with it significant implications, as it's the first time in decades that the SAD has been able to acquire property. As Mark Twain once said, "Buy land, they don't make it anymore." This  purchase is a bold and far-sighted move that will last for perpetuity. Thank you for your support! 
Some good news to report on academic growth over the past school year. Overall, our K-8 reading scores, as indicated on the iReady assessment, increased from 54% on or exceeding grade level expectations in the fall to 81% on or exceeding grade level expectations in the spring. Math scores for grades K-8 improved from 37% on or exceeding grade level expectations in the fall to 75% on or exceeding grade level expectations in the spring.

Individual school data:

MIW Reading Fall: 45%  to Spring at 87%
MIW Math Fall:  32% to Spring 80%

GMS 4-5 Reading Fall:  50 % to Spring 73%
GMS 4-5  Math Fall:  33% to Spring 76%

GMS 6-8 Reading Fall:  61% to Spring 74%
GMS 6-8 Math Fall: 46% to Spring 66%

A reminder that significant work begins at Mabel I. Wilson School. The MIW school and grounds will be closed for the summer in order to add and reconfigure modular space at the school and install a new playground in time for the beginning of school on August 30. 

My very best for a wonderful Maine summer and I look forward to seeing you back for the 2023-24 school year!

Jeff Porter