Update from the Superintendent - June 8, 2023

The past week has been one of the most exciting times of the school year as we celebrated the outgoing senior class. The Class of 2023 practiced their marching skills, presented their senior projects, was treated to a special breakfast, was cheered by all other students in the district during the special 'Senior Walk' around the schools, received accolades during the Class Night ceremony, graduated with pomp and circumstance last Sunday, paraded down Cumberland's Main Street, and were whisked off to the culminating Project Graduation festivities. What a wonderful way to finish up in style after 13 years as a student. We will miss you, Class of 2023, and best wishes for what's next!

This past Monday, I presented the 2023 Stakeholder Survey Summary results to the Board of Directors after this spring's survey administration, the first since 2020. This is a district-level summary that includes responses from 2,454 stakeholders (students, staff, and parents), the most respondents in any year we have administered these surveys. The data collected from these surveys helps us monitor trends, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate areas of effectiveness. Individual principals will be working with their staff to review the results of their respective school-level data. It is one data source, among many, that informs the administration and leadership regarding our commitment to quality assurance.

Jeff Porter