Senior Projects

senior projectsElijah Saylor writes, "

I have been on an odyssey so far in my project. I started out by building my first forge in a stainless steel pot with just some fire bricks and mud. That plan did work, and I was able to make a very rough knife out of a railroad spike, however, I was noticing some issues. It was too deep, so It was very difficult to manage the fire and it also was hot in the wrong places. In fact, it melted my first attempt (which means it got over 2600 degrees!) 

So I decided to build a new forge, which I did on Thursday. I built it out of a charcoal grill, some HVAC tubing, refractory cement, the salvaged fire bricks from the last forge and some sand. The differences between the new one and the last one is that the new one has a better shaped working area and has the airflow coming from the bottom. Today I’m going to light it up and hopefully it will perform much better.



senior projectsEmma Richard and Ella McIntosh have been cleaning gravestones of Veterans, just in time for Memorial Day at the Congressional Cemetery. Alongside cleaning Veterans' graves, they're researching the individuals who died for our country.