Update from the Superintendent - May 4, 2023

NOTE: This is Part 2 of a five-part series around MSAD #51 communication in order to be as transparent as possible about why, when, and how our district communicates (or does not) around topics of importance to students, parents, and staff. It is my hope that by the end of this series, even if you may not agree with everything I have written, at least you feel there is some measure of clarity about MSAD #51 communications.

Communication Spheres of Influence

There are three major spheres of influence in a school community with regards to communication: Classroom, School, and School Community at Large. 

  • In the Classroom Sphere, where the majority of all communication occurs in a school district, students, their teachers, and their parents/guardians are the immediate stakeholders involved in communications. 

  • The School Sphere (MIW, GMS 4-5, GMS 6-8, and GHS) is another important sphere of influence when it comes to communication, with anything pertaining to an individual school handled by the school itself. These include school-level procedures, events, weekly communications, and responding to issues and concerns raised that are specific to the school and age group at the school.

  • The School Community at Large (MSAD #51) Sphere is where communication about broader policies, procedures, events, and issues/concerns occur. These include Board policies, the district budget, the Strategic Plan and general direction of the schools, and issues and concerns that encompass a broad group of stakeholders that is beyond just one school. 

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UP NEXT: Part 3 "Broad Communication (i.e. Communication with the School Community at Large)"

I would also like to take a moment to thank all MSAD #51 staff members for their dedication, talent, and hard work. This is national School Staff Appreciation Week and our entire faculty and staff deserve our utmost thanks for all they do for students day in and day out. The past year has continued to have its share of challenges, whether overcrowded conditions and staffing shortages, amongst others, but these have not detracted from our staff's determination to provide all students with the best educational programming possible. Each of our 430 regular staff members, along with 100 more seasonal and temporary staff, are the backbone of MSAD #51 schools and its mission to educate all students for their future. Please join me in recognizing our incredible staff!

Jeff Porter