A Message from Board Chair McGinley - December 22, 2021


December 22, 2021

Dear Members of the MSAD #51 Community,

I rarely take the opportunity to reach out as Chair in this way. Yet, as we approach the end of 2021 and close in on two full years of living with COVID, I wanted to acknowledge the possibilities and hope that next year brings while fully recognizing the uncertainty we still face. These last two years have been extraordinarily difficult, and everyone has had too much asked of them, and all deserve more grace and appreciation for it. As much as I wished my message was not about the pandemic, it feels disingenuous to ignore it.

The coming few months may be challenging. We are watching, yet again, another variant creating new challenges in our daily lives. However, this does not mean we cannot look forward to a brighter new year. Our District knows the tools that work, recognizes where we can improve, and is always looking to be proactive in our communication to the best of our ability. Our national and state leaders are also continuously updating metrics and processes, including the most recent test-to-remain process, to ensure fewer students have to endure quarantines. I am anxiously awaiting updated guidance from our state and department of education and have confidence these updates will allow us more flexibility and understanding of the road ahead.

Our District has so much more to focus on as we welcome 2022. An upcoming budget process, a referendum for a new school in North Yarmouth providing the opportunity to reconnect our two communities, community conversations about equity and inclusion, and a new refocused strategic plan to help guide all of this and more. 

I will not miss an opportunity to express my deep appreciation to the 422 staff members of MSAD #51. The work of educators has never been easy, and COVID has made it all the more complex. Yet, throughout these two years, our staff have shown up and put forth fantastic effort day in and day out. All of our kids are better for it. We must continue to look for new ways to support our staff in the ever-changing landscape of public education.

And most importantly to our 2,100 students, I am in awe every day of you. Keep using your voice so we can support you in a childhood that none of us could even start to understand. Your voices are at the center of everything we do, and we have so much to learn from you.

To everyone in this community of MSAD #51, rest up, get outside, and enjoy this winter break to the fullest.

You deserve it.
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Tyler McGinley (she/her)
MSAD #51 Board Chair 20/21 - 21/22