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Covid-19 Case Reporting

MSAD #51 nurses will be doing case investigation and contact tracing of positive covid-19 cases on school days until 5pm.  If a case is reported after 5pm, the nurses will complete contact tracing and notify close contacts from school on the next school day.
When you report a positive case, please include as much of the following information as possible:
  1. First and last name of child.
  2. What day did your child’s symptoms start? (This includes any symptoms at all including runny nose.)
  3. Child's last day in school?
  4. Do they participate in any school based extracurricular activities? (newspaper club, chorus, band, sports, etc.)
  5. Do they have any siblings in the district? (If so, list their legal name and grade)
  6. What was the date the test was obtained?
  7. What was the date it was resulted?
  8. What was the type of test obtained? (Home test, PCR, facility run rapid test)
When you click on the school link below, it will open an email with the appropriate staff included. If the school link doesn't work for you, please use the email addresses listed below the link.
In addition, contact your primary care doctor's office to be sure they know of the positive test result. They will advise you about isolation for the positive case and any household testing recommendations and quarantines. 
Refer to this resource for important information:  Maine CDC Individual Covid Information Packet
MSAD #51 Covid Information Center