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Technology Staff
Dirk S. Van Curan, Director of Technology
Pete Rohde, Systems and Network Administrator
Dawna GreenTechnology Systems Support Lead
Andy ShattoTechnology Support Specialist
Joe Bickard, Data Manager

MSAD#51 Technology Vision Statement 

Cumberland/North Yarmouth (M.S.A.D. #51) is a community that realizes the implications and potential of technology. Learning, collaboration and communication are enhanced and extended by technology. We believe technology plays multiple roles in supporting education in a variety of environments.
We see technology as a means of changing what is learned, how it is learned and how it is measured. We integrate technology with new approaches to curriculum, assessment and instruction and provide an education that meets the expectations of the community at large. 
Students share responsibility for their own learning. We provide students with the opportunity to attain knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to become effective problem solvers. Technology supports active learning and different ways of learning. Students use technology to communicate ideas and feelings. 
All learners have access to vast technological resources. We provide an education which enables them to be responsible, effective citizens in an increasingly complex world.