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Spotlight - March 2013

posted Mar 4, 2013, 6:54 AM by Susan Conley   [ updated Apr 2, 2013, 10:16 AM ]

World Cultures Take Center Stage......Introducing Yao the Lucky

Yao the Lucky, a Chinese Dragon
New Year Parade Dragon, made his way through the halls of Mabel I. Wilson School just in time to kick off February vacation. The kids in Mrs. O’Rourke & Mrs. Cory’s Multiage classes treated the whole school to a Chinese New Year parade thanks to the hard work of MSAD #51 parent Lori Ingraham Branda. Kids alternated between holding the dragon and playing loud instruments, including small drums and symbols. They entertained everyone in attendance! As one parent noted, “Kids were smiling and clapping in amazement….it was so much fun!”. Yao the Lucky was in the school library for all classes, helping Mabel I. Wilson School students learn about Chinese New Year traditions and celebrations.

Later in the day of the Dragon Parade, all 3rd Graders attended the 3rd Annual World Cultures Program put on by Greely High School’s Language Club students and the MSAD #51 PTO. Kids enjoyed hands-on lessons presented by Greely’s French, Spanish and Latin Club students on France, Guatemala and Rome. They especially enjoyed tasting some of the wonderful cuisines from these countries. A special thank you to all of the MSAD #51 parents who donated food and volunteered to support this event.

On April 10 there will be an all-day enrichment event at Mabel I. Wilson: "A Day In Beijing, China." This school-wide event builds on the success of the Queen’s Jubilee held in June, 2012. The all-day celebration of Beijing and China will be a rich experience, giving kids an opportunity to stretch their natural curiosity and apply their learning skills in very interactive ways. If you are interested in helping with this event please contact event co-chairs Linda Collins (geolinda5@gmail.com) and Rachael Whitmarsh (ratchwhit@gmail.com). Students, staff and parents of MSAD #51 enjoy celebrating World Cultures throughout the year!