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Spotlight - February 2013

posted Feb 1, 2013, 8:04 AM by Susan Conley   [ updated Feb 1, 2013, 11:20 AM ]

Adventure Based Learning at NYMS

Foundation 51 ... Community Partners

 Did you know that Foundation 51 was the first public school educational foundation in the State of Maine? In 1998, a group of MSAD #51 community members decided to test the concept of private charitable fundraising for our public schools, and the initial community response was tremendous, raising far more than the $51,000 the foundation was seeking. Every year since, Foundation 51 members (we’re your friends and neighbors!) hold a fundraising benefit auction to keep the founding members’ vision alive!

The purpose of Foundation 51 is to fund initiatives aimed at enriching and enhancing the education of the students in our district. The funds are distributed within MSAD #51 via a grant system, allowing for important programs, supplies and technology that the district budget simply cannot cover. These grants help to keep all of MSAD #51's teachers and students equipped with the tools and skills they need to compete successfully in this global economy. To date, over $420,000 has been awarded. Below are some recent examples of grants awarded:

    Foundation 51 & Mabel I Wilson....The “People in Your Neighborhood” grant brought 175 students to the 200-year-old 
Skyline Farm to learn about its history. The kids raved about the experience saying it was “the best field trip ever!” In the spring, the entire first grade class will “Meet the Orchestra” at Merrill Auditorium.

    Foundation 51 & NYMS..... ”Adventure Based Learning” - even the title sounds fun!  This program elevates the level of 
comfort and sense of belonging kids feel in the school environment and teaches them important life skills.  The popular 5 Fingers of Respect:  Take responsibility, include others, show compassion, tell the truth and take care of myself are the key components to this wonderful program.  Thanks to the grant, over 150 students and teachers are learning these wonderful skills!

    Foundation 51 & GMS.... The “Writing Non-Fiction” grant will bring in a nationally recognized science author to speak to 7th 
graders about her book on the differences in fish and to the 8th graders about how she completes her research and chooses a topic to write on. Her books will also be added to the classroom libraries.

    Foundation 51 & GHS.... “Using Video to Improve Student Learning” purchased recording equipment so English classes 
could film class discussions and formal presentations allowing students to reflect on their work and get effective feedback. The GHS students are getting ready to go out into the world - a grant like this helps to teach them to put their best foot forward!

All of the grants that have been awarded since 1998 can be viewed at www.foundation51.org. Explore the website to learn 
how you can make a difference by volunteering, donating or attending the “Take a Chance on Foundation 51” fundraising benefit auction on Saturday, April 6th!