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Greely PTO sponsors Annual K-12 Staff Appreciation Week (May 4-8)

posted May 27, 2015, 8:29 AM by Dawna Green
The Greely PTO sponsored their annual Staff Appreciation Week to give thanks to all the hard-working, dedicated staff members that enrich the lives of our children at school. It was a week filled with kind and thoughtful gestures by students as well as parents:

Greely PTO Co-Chairs Stephanie Desmond and Tara 
Sasseville deliver cupcakes to staff. 
Monday, May 4th… Flower Day
Students picked, bought or made their teacher flowers to kick off the week. The students delivered SPRING to the classrooms and showered their teachers with flowers!

Tuesday, May 5th…Word of the Day
Students chose a word that described their teacher, wrote it on a slip of paper with their name, and placed it in the Compliment Cup in the classroom. The teachers got to read the contents of the jar at the end of the day and took a moment to realize just how amazing they are!

Wednesday, May 6th… Wednesdays are SWEET! 
All MSAD #51 staff members received a delicious cupcake from the Greely PTO...see photo!

Thursday, May 7th… High Five for FIVE 
Students gave a high five (or a compliment, note or treat) to 5 people other than their teacher...such as their bus driver, administrators, librarians, food service workers, custodians and nurses. This kind gesture also showed the students just how many people really make a difference in their daily school lives!

Friday, May 8th…Fan Mail 
Students complimented their teachers with a homemade card.