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Custodial and Facilities Staff

posted Nov 16, 2012, 5:39 PM by Dawna Green   [ updated Jan 4, 2013, 11:21 AM ]
July 2012 Spotlight

Custodial and Facilities Staff 

The team who keeps the district looking good!

MSAD #51’s Facilities Department is known for its ability to transform a room in a matter of minutes to prepare for special events, its dedication to maintaining a clean campus and well-maintained grounds, and the good nature with which its members get the job done.
MSAD #51 prides itself on the fact that we employ fewer than the recommended number of custodial staff, and our capable custodians still successfully complete all essential tasks. During the school year, the primary responsibilities for the Facilities Department are to ensure cleanliness in the schools, to make sure that the grounds are mowed and maintained, and to prepare for special events. These events are what facilities staff say are the most challenging of their many responsibilities. Often the events are spontaneous and could require setting up as many as three-hundred chairs in fifteen minutes, or cleaning up one event to immediately prepare for another. During the summer, the biggest task for the Facilities staff is to clean classrooms to prepare them for the start of the new school year. The job includes removing and cleaning all classroom furniture, stripping and waxing floors, and fixing any problems that exist.

The diversity of skills in Facilities is evident in both in the fact that staff wear many hats within the department, and within the District as a whole. All Facilities’ employees are expected to do what they can to make their colleagues’ jobs easier. Custodial crews fix small problems, only turning to Maintenance when necessary. Many employees move from Maintenance to Grounds at different times in the year, depending on what is most needed. Several Bus Drivers work Maintenance and Custodial, and a couple of Facilities staff also work Food Services. These employees bring a variety of talents to their work, filling in holes where they are needed.

Don Foster, Director of MSAD #51’s Facilities Department speaks of the employees who work for him with respect. He says that staff show up for their eight hour day and are ready to do any job they are asked. Mr. Foster tries to direct employees to the jobs with which they are most comfortable. He’s aware of the people who might be afraid of heights, and therefore not as excited about working on roofs or in the bell tower. He tells his employees that he would never ask them to do a job that he wouldn’t be willing to do himself.

Not only does the Facilities crew provide invaluable services maintaining our schools, they also add to the lives of students. Students describe GHS custodians graciously assisting with the window cleaning after Spirit Week, GMS custodians not only setting up chairs for Greely’s Got Talent but taking valuable time out of their schedules to find all the required outlets, and all Facilities staff being willing to help a student with a problem, whether it being unlocking a door or finding a needed material from a closet or cafeteria. The Maintenance staff displayed their importance to students, when a water fountain in the GHS Science wing wouldn’t turn off, resulting in a lake in the middle of the hallway. The Maintenance crew’s problem-solving resolved the crisis. Kat Pisini, a junior at GHS, sums up the value of our Facilities Department: “I always try and say thank you for all the work the custodians and maintenance workers do, because without them the school would definitely not function. All of the students love the janitors and maintenance staff!” We’re lucky to have them!