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Appreciating Our Transportation Staff

posted Nov 16, 2012, 4:51 PM by Dawna Green   [ updated Jan 4, 2013, 11:07 AM ]
July 2011 Spotlight

Appreciating Our Transportation Staff 

It takes a very special person to be a bus driver. MSAD #51 has a great group and we want to thank them for an outstanding year. No matter how old you are, most of us can still remember our bus driver’s name from our childhood, can you? They leave a lasting impression on us for a lifetime.

Bus drivers start the day with a clockwork routine and that special “Hi”. That warm greeting helps our students begin their school day on positive note, even if they may be feeling a little sad, tired, or grumpy. While making that connection with their charges is important, our drivers know that each and every day parents trust them with their most precious commodity, their children. Therefore, safety is the department’s primary goal and our bus drivers enforce the school bus rules and guidelines for all students to follow and abide by. Drivers also ensure safety through the use of the “Electronic ZONAR Pre & Post Trip Safety Check System”. Utilizing this system, drivers check 11 points on each bus every morning before the first pickup and every evening after the last rider has been safely returned home. Our system also uses GPS leading technology for fleet management safety and to develop routes that are as efficient as possible.

In addition to approximately 20 dedicated bus drivers, we also have two super individuals working in the Transportation Department to help everything run smoothly with our fleet. Paula Slipp not only schedules and works with the routes, she fields all of those calls from moms and dads when a child’s coat, computer, or backpack is missing. She can contact the driver to confirm when and where your child got off, has the coat or computer been found, or did someone leave a backpack under a seat. Phil Blake, our transportation director, oversees all of the routes, bus drivers and maintenance of our buses.

While it may look easy, we know that our Transportation Department’s day begins very early and can often go very late with additional driving duties for sports teams, music groups, the late bus, or other school groups. We salute our school bus drivers, Paula, and Phil for their dedication, patience, hard work and love of children. Thank you for a wonderful year!