Strategic Thinking/Planning Committee

Strategic Thinking/Planning Committee Report to the School Board, June 18, 2012:  STPC Report

Committee Members
Bill Richards, Chair
- BOD 1
Karen Campbell BOD 2 (Cumb)
Todd Nicholson BOD 3 (Cumb)
Sally Loughlin Curriculum Director
Helena McMonagle Student
Dan McKeone GHS Principal
Kim Brandt GMS Principal
Jane Crowley GMS Gr. 6 Teacher & Literacy Leadership
Melissa Boire MIW Teacher
Cheryl Colesworthy NY Resident
Jason Mills NY Resident
Rob Wood NY Selectman
Tom Gruber Cumb Council
Randy Braley Cumb Resident
Karen Bruder Cumb Resident
Jim Higgins Cumb Resident
Tara Hill Cumb Resident
Bob Hasson Supt

The Strategic Thinking/Planning Committee’s challenge was to engage in a creative dialogue that would not only identify twenty-first century forces, factors and trends influencing education, but also examine a possible gap that may exist between current models of educating children and the demands of the future. This meant that the committee would need to engage in a dialogue that embraced the elements of both strategic thinking and traditional strategic planning while addressing these questions: 1.) What forces, factors and trends do we need to address in order to ensure that all students are prepared to meet the educational challenges of the 21st Century? 2.) What policy decisions must the MSAD #51 communities make to attract and retain students and otherwise maintain a sustainable high performing system?