Community Dialogue Event

On Monday, November 10th, MSAD #51’s Strategic Planning Committee hosted a community dialogue. 
  • Over one-hundred community members, staff and students attended. 
  • Superintendent of Schools Jeff Porter opened the evening sharing information about the creation of our district's three year Strategic Plan. Mr. Porter discussed the exciting teaching and learning in our schools, while Curriculum Director Sally Loughlin shared a video about the future of education. 
  • Participants then broke into small groups and discussed where they felt the district should direct its energy and resources. This information was collected and will be one of several data points used to develop MSAD #51's three year Strategic Plan.
  • The information generated at the Community Dialogue will be one of three data sets we use to develop goals for our district’s three-year Strategic Plan. The other two data sets will be Superintendent Jeff Porter’s Entry Plan Data Summary Report and the Focus Group Report generated during last winter’s superintendent search
Martha Leggat, Strategic Planning Committee Chair: Letter to the Community
Jeff Porter's Strategic Plan Community Dialogue Introduction

Community Dialogue Event Recording

Teaching in the 21st Century: Looking Forward

Collection of Interviews with MSAD #51 Staff
Thank you to Clare Harrington, Molly White, Becky Keith, Jacey Morrill, Shannon Montgomery, Patty Mullen, James Lasher, Jane Crowley, Laurie Alves, Sheila Mayberry, Chris Hoffman, Esther Coyle, Dena McFarland, Mary Train, Emily Bogner-Williams and Sallie Hunter for your willingness to be interviewed for this video. Our only regret is having to edit out some of your amazing and insightful commentary.  ~ Sally & Dawna