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Achievements & Recognition - March 2013

posted Apr 3, 2013, 10:43 AM by Susan Conley   [ updated Apr 3, 2013, 11:02 AM ]

MSAD #51
Achievements and Recognitions 
March 2013 

Mabel I. Wilson: 

Mabel I. Wilson enjoyed celebrating the arts in March. The members of the MSAD #51 Arts Alliance did a fabulous job coordinating arts experiences for our students. All students participated in a special arts & literacy lesson in their classrooms taught by a parent or community member. The lessons were different in each grade level, and incorporated a specially selected read aloud book, a discussion about art, and a related art project. In addition, third grade students participated in dance lessons with guest teachers Jon Miele (co-director of Maine State Ballet) and Mrs. Galli. As a culminating activity to the dance lessons, the rest of the school was invited to a performance. For those students who are able to attend, the third graders will perform again at the Family Arts Night on Tuesday, April 2nd, at Greely Middle School from 6:00-8:00. Thanks to all the coordinators and volunteers who made these activities possible! 

North Yarmouth Memorial School:
The Greely Color Guard just completed a successful competitive season. They participated in three MBDA (Maine Band Director's Association) shows across the state of Maine during the month of March. In the finals they earned a bronze medal and a three-star rating. The group will perform at Family Arts Night on April 2nd and will march in the Memorial Day parade. 

The Arts Alliance sponsored a visiting poet, Paul Janeczko, for the Celebration of the Arts month. Fourth and fifth grade students gathered for a school-wide presentation by the author, as he shared pieces written by him and some of his poetic colleagues. Each classroom then had a writing workshop where Mr. Janeczko guided students through strategies for writing in a variety of poetic forms. It was an enjoyable learning experience for all!

Greely Middle School:
Greely Middle School students raised over $700 for Riding to the Top and brought in over 300 items for the Cumberland Food Pantry during Spirit Week. 

Ten of Greely Middle School’s Civil Rights Team members attended the Youth Congress in Boston on March 28th. The focus of this conference is to understand and eliminate bias. 

Greely Middle School’s Jazz Band received a gold award at the Jazz Festival last weekend and Jenna Pavis and Caleb Howell each received musician citizenship awards!

Greely High School:
Alex Grover and a teammate from PATHS qualified for the tri-state Ford / AAA Student Auto Skills Competition, which will be held in New Hampshire on May 5th. The competition consists of two-person teams of 11th and 12th grade automotive technology students, who work with at least one full-time or part time automotive instructor. Everyone who registers for the competition gets the opportunity to demonstrate their automotive knowledge by taking a written exam. The top ten teams participate in a “hands-on” competition within their respective state, challenging students to diagnose and fix uniformly “bugged” new Ford vehicles as quickly as possible while ensuring quality workmanship. The winners of the NH regional competition will go to Dearborn, MI to compete in a national competition, with all expenses paid. Winners receive scholarships and tools among other prizes. To read more, visit Portland Arts and Technology’s Facebook Page. Congratulations Alex, and good luck in New Hampshire! 

Mykaela Twitchell received the Lions Club Service Student of the Month for her long standing work with the Therapy Dog program.

Greely High School students enjoyed incredible success at the Maine State Science Fair. As many know, independent guided research is a component of the freshman science class. All students present their projects at the school fair, where community members help judge students’ research. Based on students’ scores, twenty-five projects move to the state competition. Also participating in the state science fair are students from Mr. O’Neill’s Research Course. The competition is set up in subject groups, and three overall winners are selected to represent Maine at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), which this year is being held in Phoenix, AZ. Meagan Currie and Harry Pershing were selected to compete at the ISEF.

The following are the other results from this year’s state science fair:

Individual awards:
Katherine Bacall - ASM Materials Education Foundation Award 
Blain Ventre - American Psychological Association Award 
Oliver Adams - Ricoh Americas Corp Award 
Elizabeth Towle - U.S. Metric Association Award 
Kristin Dugas - Yale Science and Engineering Association Award 

U.S. Army Award - Kathryn Price

Overall Winners:
2nd place Meagan Currie 
3rd Place Harry Pershing 

Category Awards:
Group 1 Energy Transportation and Environmental Science 
2nd Place Ryan Morrison 

Group 2 Biochemistry, Biology, Medicine and Plant Science
1st Place - Kristin Dugas 
2nd Place Brad Spoerri 

Group 3 Animal Behavioral and Social Science
1st Place Meagan Currie 
2nd Place Blain Ventre 
3rd Place Declan Campbell 

Group 4 Engineering and Materials
1st Place Harry Pershing 
3rd PLace Josh Coyle 

Group 5 Earth Physics and Astronomy 
2nd Place Chris Chu 

Group 6 Chemistry, Computer Science and Math
1st Place Will Johnson 
2nd Place Owen Potenziano 

In addition to Greely’s success at the science fairs, many of our students had their research selected for presentation at the Northern New England Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, which was held at UNH on March 21st and 22nd. Five students from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont were selected in the paper presenter category, and they included Elizabeth Towle and Gabby Bouchard. Oliver Adams, Liam Campbell, Meagan Currie, Kristin Dugas, Andrew Ferris, Will Johnson, Nik Josephson, Mykaela Twitchell, and Gwyn Zambello had posters selected for presentation.

Many of our language students were selected to Greely’s Société Honoraire de Français, National Junior Classical League Latin Honor Society and Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. The criteria for admission into the language honor societies include completing the first semester of French 3/Spanish 3/Latin 2 and being a sophomore, junior or senior, having high honor roll grades in foreign language and honor roll grades in all other courses in the semester of selection, and in semesters preceding selection. Congratulations to the following students for demonstrating high academic performance and excellent proficiency in language! 

Latin Honor Society:
Matthew Blanchard 

French Honor Society:
Meagan Currie 
Mary Potts 

Honorary: Lucretia Cerulli 

Spanish Honor Society: 
Samantha Toorish 
Eliza McKenney 
Anna Collins 
Cameron Dehais 
Mitchell Donovan 
Emily Follett 
Ciara Hayes 
Jessica Hoffman 
Madison Horwich 
Benjamin Ingraham 
Benjamin Jagolinzer 
Dana Kenniston 
Mia Lambert 
Anna Peaslee 

Julia Ramseyer
Danielle Rice 
Zachary Theriault 
Connor Wyman 

Honorary: Susana Badrinas Codina
Lucretia Cerulli 
Helena Vukovic 

Susan Conley,
Apr 3, 2013, 10:43 AM