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Science Fair Judges needed

posted Jan 20, 2015, 11:28 AM by Tammy Tarling   [ updated Jan 21, 2015, 6:05 AM by Dawna Green ]
Dear Parents/Guardians, School Staff and Community Members:


On Thursday, February 5th, all 9th graders at Greely High School will participate in this year’s Science Fair.  To make this event a success, we will need judges for the following times:


Period 1:                      7:35 – 8:29

Period 2:                      8:34 – 9:28

Period 3:                      9:38 – 10:32

Lunch:                         10:37 – 10:57 (no judges needed)

Period 4:                      11:02 – 11:56

Period 5/Advisory       12:00-12:14 (no judges needed)

                        Period 6:                      12:18 – 1:12

Period 7:                      1:17 – 2:12


If you are a parent/guardian of an 8th grader, this is a great opportunity to be a judge so you can see what your student will be expected to do as a 9th grader.  You can also be a judge if you are a parent/guardian of a current 9thgrader, just be sure to let us know your student’s name so you don’t judge their project.  I will have to know byFriday, January 30th, if you want to be a judge.  Judges will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.  Judge positions will fill fast, so please submit your name as soon as possible.


If you know of a community member who might not receive this email and would like to be a judge, please feel free to contact them. 


We sincerely appreciate the many community members who serve as judges.  On the day of the fair, you will receive a judge’s packet that will include a brief description of the student’s project, scoring sheets, and further directions.  Students will then present their research project for your review. 


If you are able to volunteer on Thursday, February 5th for any or all of the time slots listed above, please contact Peg Hughes at sundance@maine.rr.com or 781-0958. 


Thank you,


Robert O’Neill

Science Teacher

Greely High School