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School Board: Public Budget, NYMS Closing & Proposed GMS Addition Hearings April 11, 2013 and Letter to Communities

posted Apr 4, 2013, 1:11 PM by Susan Conley   [ updated Apr 12, 2013, 10:41 AM ]

The agenda for April 11th is available at this link -  School Board Agenda 4/11/2013.

Maine School Administrative District #51

Cumberland ~ North Yarmouth



April 8, 2013

Dear Citizens of Cumberland and North Yarmouth:

Please join the MSAD #51 Board of Directors on Thursday, April 11th at 7:00 PM at Greely High School, for a public hearing on the proposed 2013-2014 school budget.  On Monday, April 1st, the Board of Directors approved a budget that maintains existing programs while investing in improved and additional technology.  The budget reflects an overall increase in expenditure of $860,106 or 2.8%. This total includes the shift of the Maine Public Employee Retirement System costs ($422,597) that the State of Maine has proposed shifting from the State to local school districts.  If the district hadn’t included this new cost in its expenses, the expenditure budget would be a 1.4% increase. The proposed budget equates to an estimated 1.2% or $20 per $100,000 increase in property taxes for a home in Cumberland, and a 1.5% to 1.8% or $25 per $100,000 increase in property taxes for a home in North Yarmouth, pending finalized property valuations.  

Both the Finance Committee and Administration endeavored to balance the educational needs of our students with the concerns of community members about increased taxes.  Decreased health care expenses among other factors, help control costs to reduce the impact on property taxes. We welcome your participation on Thursday night, when public input will be taken on the proposed budget.

Community members also will have the opportunity to offer input during Thursday evening’s public hearings regarding the proposed closure of North Yarmouth Memorial School and the proposed $2 million addition to Greely Middle School.  The Communication Committee has created a new webpage dedicated to this issue, that can be accessed from the District website or by following this link:  ttp://www.msad51.org/home/school-board/nyms-gms-referendums.  Please note the Question and Answer forum section of the site that allows you to submit questions or concerns regarding the proposed transition.

Important Upcoming Dates

Monday, May 6th, the MSAD #51 Board of Directors will approve a final budget;

Thursday, June 6th, Public Vote by citizens of Cumberland and North Yarmouth at Greely High School at 7:00 pm.  Community members must attend in person to have their votes counted;

Tuesday, June 11th, Referendum at the Polls. Community members will vote at respective polling locations to validate the budget passed by the vote on June 6th, and vote on the questions of the closure of North Yarmouth Memorial School and the construction at Greely Middle School.

We welcome your participation in these important matters pertaining to the future of our district. For additional information on the 2013-2014 budget, please visit the Budget link on the homepage of MSAD #51’s website.  With additional questions, please contact Scott Poulin at spoulin@msad51.org or by phone at 829-4800.  We hope to see you Thursday evening!


Martha Leggat  

Communications Committee Chairperson MSAD #51

Participating In School Board Meetings, Watching Meetings

or Reading Meeting Minutes


The public has access to MSAD #51 School Board meetings in the following ways: 

       Attend School Board meetings and the calendar is on the web site, www.msad51.org

•       View meetings live on the TV2 channel or watch replays.  The replay schedule will be posted on TV2

•       On demand or streaming by VIMEO.  You can watch meetings on your computer after they are

 posted to the MSAD #51 web site and the link is,http://vimeo.com/msad51tv 

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                  Superintendent’s Office located at 357 Tuttle Rd., Cumberland Center, ME  04021 

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Or go to www.msad51.org and select ‘School Board’ from the ‘District’ box on the left side of the home page and select “2012-2013 Meeting Dates, Agendas, Minutes, Video.   

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Please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 829-4800, if you need assistance.