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Greely Project Graduation 2014 Fundraiser

posted Mar 11, 2014, 5:21 AM by Tammy Tarling
Greely Project Graduation 2014 Fundraiser 

The students of the class of 2014 are selling SunriseGuide's during the month of March to help fund their special graduation celebration in June.  You can order with a credit/debit card at 
http://thesunriseguide.com/greely-project-grad-2014. Please remember to include the name of a senior when you order so that they can get credit for the purchase.

It is also possible to order directly through the student.  They will have order forms and you can write a check for $20 payable to Greely Project Grad 2014.  It's that simple!

You can pick up the book in North Yarmouth, at your local school or thru the student.   Just email ghsprojectgrad2014@gmail.com to let us know the most convenient pickup for you.

The guides are $20 each and, if you're not familiar with them, they are Maine's guide to healthy and eco-friendly living. It is a beautifully designed publication that contains
tips and local resources for healthy and eco-friendly living, combined with hundreds of valuable discount offers from area businesses. It's quite possible to save hundreds of dollars with the discounts in the SunriseGuidewhile supporting the great local businesses that we know and love. There's something that will appeal to everyone, including discounts for yoga, massage, groceries, restaurants, garden centers, home improvements and pets!

There's a great collection of businesses in the greater Portland area, including 
Whole Foods, Hannaford, Coffee by Design, Royal River Books, Royal River Natural Foods, Rosemont Market, Greener Postures,
Gather, Local 188, the Holy Donut, Rainbow Toys, Coastal Ace Hardware,
Maple's Organic Gelato, Nine Stones, Goodwill, Forget-Me-Nots, Lincoln Canoe & Kayak and more!