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Girl Up club hosts "Brave"

posted May 6, 2019, 8:12 AM by Tammy Tarling

Hello, Parents of the Cumberland and North Yarmouth Community!

Our names are Maggie McCormick and Annabelle Williams. We are the Co-Presidents of Girl Up, a club at Greely High School that aims to promote equal opportunities for women around the world. Girl Up is an organization that works in tandem with the United Nations, raising money and awareness to treat issues relating to safety, health care, and education for women and girls. Part of being a recognized chapter of this larger organization is hosting five events per year. These range from fundraisers like bake sales, to making informational posters, or hosting guest speakers. For our third event, we wanted to reach out to girls and women all around the community. Girl Up will be showing Brave in the new Greely Center for the Arts! It is free of charge, however, donations which will go to SchoolCycle are strongly encouraged. SchoolCycle is a fundraiser led by girl up which provides girls in Guatemala with bikes so they can have access to transportation to school. A bake sale, as well as water, will be served during an intermission in the lobby (GAC officials ask me to remind you that all food and beverages must be consumed in the lobby, and not in the actual theater area.)

We found Brave to be accessible for girls and boys of many ages as well as their parents, while also being a movie that aligns with Girl Up’s passion for seeing strong female role models grace the screen. Brave is a touching story of a Scottish Princess Merida, who is reluctant to enter into the arranged marriage organized by the patriarchal society around her.  

While gender representations have improved over the years, as the media becomes more and more aware of these issues, the truth is young women today in the US, in our own community will constantly be bombarded with messages of sexism. For all the positive representations of women they see around them, they will see a far larger amount of damaging ones. The idea that they are somehow “less than” will be one that they still have to confront frequently.

However, we are confident that this can be combated! Members of our Club strive to create a community where women lift each other up, and where young girls can grow up seeing older girls and women campaigning for gender rights and equality around the world. We firmly believe that when girls and women see their full potential represented in the world around them, that they grow up aware of what they can accomplish, and see themselves as the integral members of society that they are.

On May 18, 2019, we encourage you to join us at six o’clock in the Greely Center for the Arts!