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American Mathematics Competition - Salute to Students

posted Jan 22, 2013, 10:09 AM by Susan Conley   [ updated Jan 22, 2013, 10:09 AM ]
From: <evaszillerymmsets@gwi.net>
Date: Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 10:46 AM
Subject: Participation in AMC 8 2012 - Honor Roll and Distinguished Honor Roll
To: RHasson@msad51.org

Dear Superintendent Hasson,

    Please find below the Distinguished Honor Roll, the Honor Roll and the Achievement Roll of the American Mathematics Competition 8, 2012.
In this year Maine ranked 8th nationwide in participation and the students on the lists below are the Maine winners. I'd like to ask you, as well as the Superintendent of every student on the list to post these result on the website of your school district.
The goal of the Nationwide American Mathematics Competition is to secure America’s global competitiveness by inspiring excellence, confidence and superb problem solving skills in our students.  President Barack Obama and former Presidents George W. Bush, William J.Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ronald W. Reagan have all recognized our winners and the National Association of High School Principals gave the Gold Seal to the American Mathematics Competitions.
Thank you very much,
Eva Szillery


                                              Salute to Maine students for their participation in AMC 8/ 2012

              Maine students of age 8 to 14 are entitled to congratulations for their outstanding attendance in the American
              Mathematics Competitions in November of 2012 (referred as AMC 8, 2012). Maine ranked eighth in participation
              in the competition nationwide.

               The students are taught since years to distinguish between enjoyable and challenging problem solving as opposed to
               mathematics learning and instruction of passing procedural tests.  This created the kind of momentum that clearly
               bolstered the AMC 8 Maine 2012 results. Andrew Gleason said, that in essence, math contests are like spelling bees.
               The spelling bees for the math lovers: They are fun and they can stimulate interest in mathematics, but just because you
               ranked high or low on a contest does not mean you will necessarily be a great or terrible mathematician or writer.
                 We share this opinion. We  want to give this message early to the participants.
                And now, without more comments, here are the results (as shown on the MAA statistics site (http://amc-

                              Distinguished Honor Roll recognizes students scored in (approximately) 1%

               Score       First initial       Last Name      Grade              School name             Student City
                 23.0             G.                Pershing            7                  Greely MS               Cumberland
                 22.0             E.                 Shell                 8             Mount View MS             Thorndike

                                         Honor Roll recognizes students scored in (approximately) 5%

                 Score       First initial       Last Name      Grade              School name           Student City
                    21.0              B.                Foster                7              Lawrence JHS            Fairfield
                    20.0              D.               Flewelling            8             Scarborough MS        Scarborough
                    20.0              A.               Leng                   8            Scarborough MS     Scarborough
                    20.0              S.                Wickard             7               Greely MS               Cumberland
                    19.0              M.               Adams               8                  Falmouth MS            Falmouth
                    19.0              A.               Noyes                 8                 Falmouth MS           Falmouth
                    19.0              A.               Burgess              8                Conners-Emerson     Bar Harbor
                    19.0              E.                Zuras                  7             Presque Isle MS        Presque Isle
                    18.0              E.                Bass                   7              Scarborough MS      Scarborough
                    18.0             Z.                 Galeaz                8            Conners Emmerson     Bar Harbor
                    18.0             J.                  Goldberg            8              Lyman Moore MS        Portland
                    18.0             J.                  Hawkes              5             Presumpscot School      Portland

                               Achievement Roll recognize the students  of grade 6 or below scoring 15 or above

                 Score       First initial       Last Name      Grade              School name           Student City
                   18.0            J.                  Hawkes              5              Presumpscot School   Portland
                   17.0            E.                 McGill                6                 Orono MS                Orono
                   16.0            J.                  Derrick               6              Scarborough MS      Scarborough
                   16.0          M.                   Garrity               6               Conners Emmerson   Bar Harbor
                   15.0           H.                  Clews                6              Lyman Moore MS        Portland
                   15.0           N.                  Osher                6                  Orono MS                Orono
                    15.0           I.                   Sewell               6                W. Cohen MS            Bangor

Susan Conley,
Jan 22, 2013, 10:09 AM