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Phone (207) 829-4800
Fax (207) 829-4802
Superintendent: Jeff Porter, jporter@msad51.org
     Superintendent's Administrative Assistant: Fran Prentice, fprentice@msad51.org
Director of Finance, HR and Operations: Scott Poulin, spoulin@msad51.org
Director of Academic Services:  Sally Loughlin, sloughlin@msad51.org
Director of Instructional Support: Julie Olsen, jolsen@msad51.org
     Instructional Support Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Stults, 
Community Development and Resource Manager: Ashley Caswell, acaswell@msad51.org
Administrative Assistant: Tammy Tarling, ttarling@msad51.org
Secretary: Tricia Small, tsmall@msad51.org
Payroll/Accounting: Sue Walls, swalls@msad51.org; Christine Girard, cgirard@msad51.org; Brenda Richter, brichter@msad51.org
Public Access Officer: Scott Poulin, 829-4800
Affirmative Action Officer: Scott Poulin, 829-4800
Title IV Coordinator: David Shapiro, 829-4809

Phone (207) 829-4825
Fax (207) 829-2254
Principal: Susie Robbins, srobbins@msad51.org
Assistant Principal: Cory Munsey, cmunsey@msad51.org
Guidance: Dawn Lane, dlane@msad51.org
Social Worker: Kathleen Stawarz, kstawarz@msad51.org
Secretaries: Amber Harrington, aharrington@msad51.org; Deirdre Haugland, dhaugland@msad51.org
Phone (207) 829-4815
(207) 829-4819
Principal: Carol MacArthur, cmacarthur@msad51.org
Guidance: Alison Waterhouse, awaterhouse@msad51.org
Social Worker: Katie Campbell, kcampbell@msad51.org
Secretaries: Joyce Megathlin, jmegathlin@msad51.org; Kathy Allen, kallen@msad51.org
Malanie Plummer, mplummer@msad51.orgPat Thibodeau (Guidance), pthibodeau@msad51.org
Phone (207) 829-4815
(207) 829-4819
Principal: Mar-E Trebilcock, mtrebilcock@msad51.org
Assistant Principal: Ken Marks, kmarks@msad51.org
Guidance: Roberta Goodwin, rgoodwin@msad51.org
Social Worker: Rachael Farley, rfarley@msad51.org
Secretaries: Joyce Megathlin, jmegathlin@msad51.org; Kathy Allen, kallen@msad51.org
Malanie Plummer, mplummer@msad51.orgPat Thibodeau (Guidance), pthibodeau@msad51.org
Phone (207) 829-4805
(207) 829-2256
Principal: Chris Hoffman, choffman@msad51.org
Assistant Principal: Don Gray, dgray@msad51.org
Social Services Providers: Peter Scott, pscott@msad51.org; Tiffany McPhetres, tmcphetres@msad51.org
Secretary: Joanna Foster, jfoster@msad51.org; Pam Dunn, pdunn@msad51.org
(207) 829-4810
Guidance Counselors: Melissa Fowler, mfowler@msad51.org; Johnna Mulligan, jmulligan@msad51.org; Mandy Andreson, sandreson@msad51.org
Secretary: Anne Cornish, acornish@msad51.org
(207) 829-4809
Athletic Director: David Shapiro, dshapiro@msad51.org
AD Secretary: Cherie Goranites cgoranites@msad51.org
(207) 829-4824
Director: Jon Carlson
Maintenance and Custodial Department
(207) 829-4837
Director: Don Foster, dfoster@msad51.org
(207) 829-4820
Transportation Supervisor: Phil Blake
Bus Scheduler & Transportation Coordinator: Rachel