Parent’s Night Out with Off the Mat Yoga

posted Jan 24, 2018, 8:36 AM by Tammy Tarling

Parent’s Night Out with Off the Mat Yoga

Instructor Trish Baird

A night of fun for your little ones while you go.., shopping, see a show,  catch up with a friend, take a nap...the possibilities are endless :)

​The night will be both structured and unstructured.  

During structured time we will have yoga, games, and an art & craft activity. 

During unstructured 'free' time kids will have a chance to dance, play, draw or read on their own. 

​Please dress your kids in comfortable clothing (they can even come in their pjs!), bring a water bottle, a stuffed animal (optional) for savasana, and a book to read (also optional as I will provide some books).

​Simple cheese pizza will be provided for dinner.  

**I understand that cheese pizza will not work for everyone, however I am not able to accommodate special requests. If your child has special dietary needs, please be prepared to make arrangements or send them with food that works with their diet. 

West Cumberland Hall 5pm-8pm

Friday: February 2nd

Friday: April 6th

Fee: $25/night



Peter C. Bingham

Recreation Superintendent

Town of Cumberland

Community Recreation Department

(207) 829-2208

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