Honoring our Korean War Veterans

posted Nov 6, 2013, 11:23 AM by Tammy Tarling
We are hoping that Cumberland and North Yarmouth students and their families will join us on Monday, November 11th to honor almost 60 Korean War veterans from Cumberland, North Yarmouth and Yarmouth. Perhaps you had a grandparent, aunt or uncle who was in the military from 1950-53, and it was called the "Forgotten War" since our country was tired of war and suffering after WWII  ended in 1945.

A convoy of buses and emergency vehicles will arrive at Moss Side Cemetery on Main St. at 9:45 AM, and a short ceremony will follow recognizing the living and deceased Korean War Veterans of Cumberland. After that the convoy, with sirens blaring similar to a GHS State Championship, will blast off for North Yarmouth down Rt. 9 to the Wescustogo Green. North Yarmouth will have a similar ceremony at 10:30 AM to honor their Korean War veterans, and then the convoy will drive down Rt. 115/Walnut Hill Road to the final ceremony in Yarmouth at 11:11 AM. This is a chance to shout and wave flags and give thanks to these brave men and women, with our hopes that the Korean War will no longer be forgotten.

Hope to see you on November 11th, Veterans Day.

Bert Kendall, Chair
Korean War Anniversary Celebration Committee