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Community Adult Spelling Bee - Sign up today!

posted Jan 27, 2016, 10:49 AM by Tammy Tarling

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2nd Annual Foundation 51 Community Adult Spelling Bee
March 10th - 7PM at Toddy Brook


Anyone who participated in a spelling bee as a kid knows how thrilling a competition it can be. Well, there’s no reason why, as an adult, you can’t find yourself (with the help of teammates) in the spelling bee spotlight once again. That’s right—an adult spelling bee.


Last year's inaugural event was a great success; lots of fun had by all. Don't miss out this year! There will be complimentary sweets and a cash bar available.

Sign up today for our Adult Spelling Bee, benefiting Foundation 51! 
How it works: Participants of the Bee are teams of 4 people, there is no individual spelling. All teams spell words simultaneously in a series of rounds. Our special guest emcee, Kathleen Shannon will announce the word and the team members collaborate on the spelling of a word before writing down their answer on the slate provided. Teams have 25 seconds and then must display their answer. All teams will then show their slates simultaneously. Upon missing a word, the team will be eliminated. Teams that correctly spell the word continue on to following rounds.

Teams compete until the championship round which includes the last 2 remaining teams. The champions take home the Ranger Bee trophy to keep for their reigning year.

If you prefer not to spell but would like to participate, you may sponsor (pay the $35 per person registration fee) a team of teachers, local safety personnel, etc.

To participate in the Bee, please see the form (in a link below this email) and do one of the following.

      Mail your form and payment to Foundation 51, PO Box 545, Cumberland, ME 04021

      Email your form to Anne Robbins at anne@foundation51.org

Who is invited: The Spelling Bee is open to adults in the MSAD #51 community.Teams may represent MSAD 51 staff, community members, local police and fire personnel, local businesses, alumni groups, book clubs, etc. All are welcome to attend or participate in the event.

Checks should be made out to Foundation 51. You may pay with cash or check at the door on the night of the event. Your donation is tax-deductible.

 Thank you for supporting Foundation 51!


Click here for the Bee registration form.