November 2012

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MSAD #51
November 2012
Achievements and Recognitions
Life continues at a clip at each of our schools, with students fully engaged in their academic, artistic, athletic and community service pursuits.  While they are a scratching of the surface, the highlights below share some of the exciting accomplishments of our students, faculty and community organizations.

Mabel I. Wilson School

For all the exciting work being accomplished in the classroom, one of the highlights of November at Mabel I. Wilson happened to be an after school activity. On November 13th, the Greely PTO hosted a Grandparents and Grandfriends Tea.  More than 230 grandparents, grandfriends and students from grades K-5 attended the tea party.  The multi-purpose room was transformed into a lovely tea house with white tablecloths, fresh flowers, china service and delicious baked treats.  With the help of "conversation cards" the children asked their grandparents lots of questions and heard some fun and interesting family stories.  There was also a photo booth to help capture memories of a special afternoon together.  One grandmother said after the tea, "thank you most heartily for a wonderful, wonderful experience for my husband and me and our three grandsons.  I couldn't believe the effort to provide a lovely time with tea, cookies and china!  We had fun answering the questions and seeing ourselves on the big screen."  Guests were also treated to a photo slide show of images that showed the wonderful bond grandparents in our district have with their grandchildren.  The Greely PTO offered the tea party as a way to honor that special relationship.  Thanks to Marnie Dean and the rest of the PTO for providing this wonderful intergenerational experience for our kids.

Thanks go to the PTO as well, for providing all Kindergarteners the opportunity to attend The Nutcracker the Monday after Thanksgiving. Also of note is that K-3 classes continue to make regular contributions and trips to the Cumberland/North Yarmouth Food Pantry to stock the shelves at this critical time of year for our local families.

North Yarmouth Memorial School

NYMS recently held its first Wellness Event of the year, focused around the 5210 Let's Go program.  To focus on the healthy eating portion of this program, students and staff gathered for a whole school assembly to learn about the USDA initiative -  This was followed by a healthy snack taste testing in each classroom, prepared by MSAD 51 Food Service and paid for by the PTO.  Sincere thanks to the generous parent volunteers who helped make this event a success!

Mrs. Alexander's class hosted its annual recycling contest to raise funds to support NYMS' sister school in Zambia - Chikumbuso.  Congratulations to Mrs. Gervais' class for being the top recyclers with 154 items.  Honorable mention goes to Mrs. McFarland's and Mr. Barksdale's classes who recycled 133 items each.  The funds generated from this recycling effort will buy food for Chikumbuso and pay the salary of their fifth grade teacher.  Thank you to all the students who participated in this contest, and to all those who continue to support our Cartridges for Kids project throughout the year.  

Greely Middle School

Community service continues to thrive at Greely Middle School. Sentinel Team created about 100 thank you cards for veterans during FLEX. The cards were delivered to the Maine Veterans Home in Scarborough in the middle of November. The veterans were so appreciative of the students' kindness and words of appreciation.

The Modern Language department has made some linguistic leaps this year for its French and Spanish students.  Language classes look quite different from what you probably experienced as a student -- less memorization, less drilling, and much more comprehensible use of the target languages.  This is all a result of the latest research in language acquisition which shows that true communicative abilities emerge from first being exposed to listening and reading experiences that are repetitive, interesting, varied, and most importantly, comprehensible. The educational innovation in the language classroom is exciting. To hear more about it first hand, ask a middle school student about the latest conversations and stories in French or Spanish class!  

Several Greely Middle School students reinstituted Music Thursday.  On certain Thursday mornings at 7:15 A.M. one or more students perform a song, a dance, play an instrument or share another talent such as juggling.  Providing not only opportunities to perform but also for students to take chances, exemplifies the type of climate Greely Middle School strives for.  

No other word but, “Wow!”  The 7th grade math team took first place in the recent math meet.   Several of students took 1st and 2nd place as well.  The team was the only group that correctly solved all six problems.  Two of students tied for 1st place in the individuals category, Stuart Wickard and Gregory Pershing, Peter Theodores took second place for individuals, and the 7th grade team took first place in the teams category.  The total score was 181, placing first by approximately 40 points!

Greely High School

The achievements at Greely High School cover the spectrum this month. On the academic front, our Latin students distinguished themselves at The Junior Classical League convention on November 16th. The Junior Classical League is a state and national organization of Latin students, and the conventions are designed as competitions between Latin students from different schools.  There are two academic competitions (a testing competition and a quiz bowl competition called Certamen), and a spirit competition. Sixteen Greely students participated, and the school placed 5th out of 13 schools in academics overall. The Latin III/IV Certamen team placed 4th. Greely placed 9th in spirit. The following students placed individually in the testing competition:

Madeline Clark
Madison Dube
Chloe Dyer
Alexis Elder
Emma Nicholson
Matt Pisini
Paige Richardson
Maura Verrill

Congratulations to our Latin students. It sounds like in addition to the impressive performances, a great time was had by all!

Many of our students auditioned for and were accepted to the District II Honors Music Festival.  These auditions include students from 18 local high schools.  The Instrumental Festival Concert will be at Oxford Hills High School on Jan. 26th at 3pm.  The Chorus Festival Concert will be at Windham High School Performing Arts Center on Feb. 2nd at 3pm.

Concert Band
Jacqueline Anderson
Lydia Wickard
Duncan Routh
Jessica Hoffman
Abby Israel
Brooke Lawrence
Ciara Hayes
Emma Richards
Mollie Braley
Harrison Pershing
Gwynn Zambello
Will Silvers
Elyse Dinan
Steve Gagel
Jordan Merrifield
Emily Gardner
Nina Oberg
Connor Thurston
Cameron DeHais
Abby Thurston
Samuel Parkinson
Gage Gallati
Nickolas Spear
Elizabeth George
Sarah Gooch

Ryan Beagan
Michaela Weeks
Ryan Morrison

Sarah Somes
Gabriella Nicolaou
Lydia Wickard 
Elizabeth George
Eleanor Harrison
Hannah Rose
Emma Haynes
Harrison Pershing
Rachel Rivera
Meagan Currie
Haleigh Roach
Julia Ramseyer
Lexy Rose
Lauren Weickert
Cameron Dehais

November is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of our student athletes and teams following the fall sports season. Our Volleyball team won the State Championship once again this year, making it the team’s 9th title in the last 10 years. This has never been done before in Maine. The girls have a lifetime record of 169-12 since the team started just eleven years ago. Their coach Kelvin was recognized as the Press Herald Coach of the year for volleyball.  

All of our fall teams (with the exception of Field Hockey) made it to the Western Maine Conference playoffs.  For Cross Country this year, Kirstin Sandreuter was the top runner in the Western Maine Conference.  Our Football team was able to host its first home playoff game in the history of the sport at Greely.  David Higgins was recognized as the Football Coach of the year for the Campbell Conference.

The following fall athletes are receiving All-Academic Team certificates for having an average of 93.0 or better:

Liam Campbell - Soccer
Brian Wright - Soccer
Jacob Isaacson - Soccer
Nathan Madeira - Cross country
Kathleen McKersie - Cross country
Monica Howland - Cross country
Katie Ventre - Volleyball
Leah Dixon - Field hockey
Sarah Holmes - Field hockey
Sophie Schmid - Field hockey

The following athletes made the Western Maine Conference All-Conference Team:

Holly Rand - 1st team Soccer
Caton Beaulieu - 1st team Soccer
Mykaela Twitchell - 1st team Soccer
Elijah Leverett - 1st team Soccer
Matt Crowley - 1st team Soccer
Sam Porter - 1st team Soccer
Jacob Nason - 1st team Soccer
Teddy Hart - 2nd team Soccer
Rachel Hanson - 1st team Field Hockey
Chelsey Andrews - 2nd team Field Hockey
Kyle Megathlin - Golf
Kyle Bickford - Golf
Sarah Hansen - Golf
Nick Maynard - Football
Alex Moore - Football
James Ferrar - Football
Drew Hodge - Football
Svenn Jacobson - Football
Svenn was also the Class B Player of the Year
Nathan Madeira - Cross Country
Eva Bates - Cross Country
Kirstin Sandreuter - Cross Country

Senior Showcase All-star Team for Volleyball:

Haleigh Roach
Danielle Cimino
Katie Ventre
Kristin Atwood

On the theatrical front, the four performances of 42nd Street were great successes, enthralling the crowds with inspiring acting, dancing, singing, costumes and sets. The audience was full each night, and Audrey Northway estimates that between 1300-1400 people saw the show. There were 42 students in the cast and 34 students in the various crews, which doesn’t count the people that work on and off stage. Thanks to Greely Drama for all the hard work you invested to provide such wonderful entertainment for our community! 

And finally, community service rounds out the accomplishments cited from Greely High School.  Greely’s Global Awareness Club (GAC) raised funds and solicited donations in October to create birthing kits for the organization Konbit Sante.  Konbit Sante is a group based in Portland which delivers medical supplies to Haiti for newborns among others. Accepting donations of various items such as knitted hats and bars of soap, as well as raising money through a bake sale to purchase other aspects of the birthing kits, GAC delivered around 40 kits to Konbit Sante.  Advisor Chris Hoffman reported how excited the organization was to have such an enthusiastic group of high school students complete such a project.  Several of the seniors enjoyed it so much that they are thinking of turning it into a senior project so they can continue the work.

Karyn Marden, who not only started but invests tireless hours in Cumberland’s Community Garden, shared that Kyle Megathlin, Monica Howland, Tucker Hawkinson, Ian Byron all helped put down the community garden in the fall.  The four students helped dig up the fruit trees around the perimeter of the garden and move them inside.  Altogether there were about 30 bushes and the heavy soggy soil compounded the effort required to complete the project.  Thanks for your valuable efforts!