June 2012

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MSAD #51

Achievements & Recognition

June 2012

Mabel I. Wilson School

 The students of the Starfish Wing at Mabel I. Wilson School created cards in the fall of 2011 to send to Matt Swan's Marine Corp unit stationed in Afghanistan while staff members donated packages of food and goodies.  Sergeant Matthew Swan, Weapons Company, 1st. Battalion 25th Marines, wanted to do something in return to thank the students for their support which meant a lot to his unit.  When Matt first returned home from Afghanistan, he visited Mabel I. Wilson School and presented an informational show and tell assembly for the children of the Starfish Wing.  On May 14th he came back to MIW and presented a plaque and American flag which was flown over Camp Leatherneck in Helmand Province of Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom 11.2.  This flag was dedicated to the Starfish Wing of Mabel I. Wilson School.

On June 1, students at the Mabel I. Wilson School spent the entire day celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne in England.  Students dressed in their royal best.  The girls made “fascinators” and the boys made top hats.   There was boat-making for a flotilla, games of net ball outside and of course English tea and cucumber sandwiches!

All of this is under the direction of visiting Fulbright teacher Olivia Thompson who

is from the UK and has spent this year teaching 3rd grade.  This is her way of introducing all the students to the major celebration happening in England the weekend of June 2nd.

North Yarmouth Memorial School

Good luck to Lucy Leen who is playing as the only 4th grader and the only girl from Cumberland on the Yes AAU regional 5th grade girls’ basketball team.  The team has a 54-0 record and is the first 5th grade team from Maine to go to the National Championships in Franklin, Tennessee in the next month. 

The Color Guard, after a successful season competing against other schools in the Maine Band Director's Association, marched with Greely Middle School and North Yarmouth Memorial School bands in the Cumberland Memorial Day Parade.  The guard had a chance to show off the beautiful new flags that they were able to purchase this year, thanks to a Foundation 51 grant.

 Fourth Grade students are wrapping up a year long adventure-based, experiential education program called FOCUS.  The program, sponsored by the PTO, is built on a progression of life process skill development and aims to help students enhance these skills and incorporate them into their everyday lives in and out of the classroom by  building healthy interpersonal relationships, building trust, active listening and communication, anger management/conflict resolution, problem solving/decision making, self-responsibility and healthy choices, leadership development, and setting individual and group goals.

 Greely Middle School

 On May 11 GMS held our Spring Fling Celebration.  For the last two periods of the day, all of our students participated in team-building and fun activities of choice.  Some of the events included making pizza, photography, rugby, pony and cart rides, games, water colors, ultimate frisbee, a historical walk to the graveyard in Cumberland, power walking and music composition.  Students and teachers were engaged and having fun.

In early May we had a grades 4-12 chorus and a 4-12 band concert.  Both were well attended and our talented musicians entertained and delighted their audiences. Harry Pershing and Tristan Scilipoti showcased their talents during the choral concert with each student having a solo.  Also thank you to the band for marching in the Memorial Day Parade.  Please join the chorus for their last performance on June 5 at 6:30 p.m. and the band on June 6 at 7:30 p.m.

 Seventh graders are going to the Peabody Essex Museum.  This is an annual trip that ties in with Humanities studies.  Students, teachers and our parent chaperones always enjoy these trips.

 Students recently completed the school-wide writing prompt and data shows great improvement in writing across all three grade levels.  Congratulations to our students who have clearly improved their skills and to our teachers who have worked diligently to provide direct instruction to support our students with their writing.

 GMS art show artwork will be on display May 29th through June 8th in the lobby, and the flanking first floor wings.  Please take some time to peruse the student artwork.

On Saturday the 19th, several GMS students competed in the Casco Bay YMCA's triathlon.  Alexandra Tebbs took first place in the under 19 women's age group.  In the relay category including all ages, the team of Connor Rog, Andrew Sacco, and Ryan Morrison placed second.

 Greely High School

 Eighty-four seniors are currently participating in a variety of senior projects including volunteering at local schools, writing music, organizing charity events, interning for the Maine Democratic Party, and more.  The seniors involved in the program formally proposed their projects in December.  Projects were reviewed and approved by the Senior Project Screening Committee which was made up of students, teachers, parents, and administrators.  The students are working in the field for two weeks from May 21 through June 1.  On June 5, seniors will present their learning to the community at our Senior Project Presentation event. Congratulations to each of these graduating seniors for their creativity, hard work, and dedication.

 Tricia Grover shared a student essay and was awarded a PATHS scholarship at the PATHS graduation on May 18.  Tricia is a student enrolled in the Health Sciences Careers program at PATHS where she has excelled.  Luke Tierney was awarded the "Special Recognition Team Spirit Award" at PATHS.  He is enrolled in the Culinary Concepts program at PATHS.  Both students, along with Owen Miller, are members of the National Technical Honor Society.  Additionally, the following students graduated from PATHS with honors: Joshua King, Andrew Milburn, Steven Scott, Dustin Shea (all enrolled in the Fast Food program), and Sarah Rogers-Moses (enrolled in the Music program).  Finally, Kiana Rogovin, a junior enrolled in the Commercial Art program, earned an award for "Focus and Dedication in Class."  Congratulations to all of these exemplary PATHS students.

Meagan Currie, a freshman, was the first student ever from Maine to represent the state at the International Science and Engineering Fair held in Pittsburgh May 12 - 18th.  She qualified for the international fair by winning the state fair held in March.

Emily Warnock was selected to represent Greely High School at the Annual Student Craft Institute at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  One student from each high school throughout Maine was given a unique opportunity to work with both nationally and internationally known professional artists through a long intensive arts weekend located in Deer Isle, Maine.

Art student Zoe Schott was awarded with the Maine College of Art Book Award recently for her perseverance and dedication in the visual arts at Greely High School.  Zoe is one of a very few students who has actually completed the entire visual arts program including introductory courses Art 1 and Art 2, and advanced level courses in Painting, 2D/3D Studio Art and Digital Photography, while making plans to become an AP Studio Art student for her senior year.  On top of this she has maintained continued classes and instruction in Dance from Casco Bay Movers located in Portland, Maine for many years.  Zoe hopes to study Dance after graduating from Greely High School in 2013.

 The Greely High School Annual Art Exhibit had an incredible opening on the Evening of Excellence last Thursday May 24, 2012.  Over 200 students from 2011-2012 art classes had their artworks exhibited including works by Art 1, Art 2, Painting, 2D/3D Design, Digital Photography, IB and AP Studio Art students.  There were over 300 people in attendance throughout the evening!  Thanks for all the support from the MSAD #51 community.  Many volunteers stepped up to help in the preparation and set up of the exhibit including Lorraine Wyman, Lori Shibles, Keri Bals, Megan Finlay's grandmother, Sarah Marble, Beth Perry, Ellen Medrano and Pam Ryder of the Arts Alliance.  Thank you for all of your hard work Volunteers!!!!!

Excellence in French/Latin/Spanish Awards:

 Allie Day received the Excellence in Spanish Award, Maggie Norton the Excellence in Latin Award, and Rachael Kurland the Excellence in French Award.

National Latin Exam Results:

Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal):  Meagan Currie, Alexandra Day, Robert Potts, Ian Philbrick

Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal):  Mia Lambert, Monica Howland, James Manahan, Emma Nicholson, Madeline Clark, Hanna Willwerth

Magna Cum Laude: Emily Saunders, Chloe Dyer, Sarah Lawless, Maya Philbrick, Delaney Nolin

Cum Laude:  Emily Fritzson, Emily Curato, Daniel Ray, Emily Mason, Nicole Cochran, Richard Cunningham, Samantha Toorish, Evan Boisvert, David Hamilton, Matthew Blanchard, Helena McMonagle

National French Exam Results:

The numbers in parentheses represent national ranking; again, only the top ten scores are formally recognized.

Level 2 French:  Mary Potts - #1 in state, 5th rank nationally; Allison Perreault - #2 in state, 7th nationally

Level 3 French: Kirstin Sandreuter - #1 in state, 7th nationally; Anna Dedon 4th (n-12); Natalie Dedon and Michelle Gray 7th (15th); Emma Nicholson 8th (16th)

Level 4 French:  Jacqueline Anderson and Duncan Routh 3rd in state (17 national); Jacob Isaacson and Sophie Schmid 6th (22); Sarah Beagan 7th (24); Liam Pakulski and Hannah Somes 10th (27)

Level 5 French:  Abigail Bonnevie, Nicole Jordan, and Rachael Kurland - #2 in state (10th nationally); Natasha Fox 3rd (14); Robert Potts and Stefan Sandreuter 4th (16th); Kimberly Johnson 8th (21); Lena Champlin and Sarah Ezzio 10th (24th).

 National Spanish Exam Results:

 On level 2, over 33,300 exams were given in the regular category nationwide.  At Greely, 25 of our students scored between the 50th and the 74th percentile; they will receive certificates from their teachers.  Five students placed between the 75th and the 84th percentile:  Emily Follett, Kate Dransfeld, Harry Crosby, Anna Collins, and Connor Wyman.  Two students placed between the 85th and the 94th percentile:  Benjamin Jagolinzer, who was tenth in the state, and Cameron Dehais, who was 5th in the state on this level!  Two students placed at or above the 95th percentile:  Mia Lambert, who was third in the state, and Lydia Wickard.  Lydia was first in the state on this level and she is an 8th grade student at Greely Middle School!

 On level 3, over 26,700 exams were given nationwide.  At Greely, 13 students scored between the 50th and the 74th percentile.  Two students placed between the 75th and the 84th percentile:  Eliza McKenney and Liam Dougherty.

 On level 4, over 15,600 exams were given nationwide.  At Greely, 14 students scored between the 50th and the 74th percentile.  Two students scored between the 75th and the 84th percentile and they are Nathan Madeira and Mollie Braley.  One student scored between the 85th and the 95th percentile and he is Nicholas Riolo, who was third in the state on level 4.

 On level 5, over 5,400 exams were given nationwide.  At Greely, 11 students scored between the 50th and the 74th percentile.  Five students scored between the 75th and the 84th percentile:  Elizabeth Bouchard, Greg Ferland, Helena McMonagle, Luke Risley, and Leonardo Medeiros Netto.

Three students scored between the 85th and the 95th percentile:  Alexandra Day, who was fifth in the state; Hanna Willwerth who was in a tie for fourth in the state; and Ian Philbrick who tied for third in the state.

Foundation 51

 Foundation 51 has announced the recipients of its two grant cycles for the 2011-2012 school year.  Thirteen grants totaling $17,165 were funded in the Fall Cycle and ten grants totaling $11,038 were funded in the Spring Cycle for a total of $28,203 this year.

 Grades K-3

•          Bringing Biographies Alive for All Children

•          “That Ukulele Man”

•          Sensory Tools for All

•          “People in your Neighborhood” Learning Opportunity at Skyline Farm

•          Mentor Text Collections

Grades 4-5

•          Reading & Vocabulary A – Z

•          Strengthening Small Group Interventions Through the

            Use of iPad Tablets              

•          Adventure-Based Learning Program

Grades 6-8

•          Spanish Reading Books in the Classroom

•          Cornerstones of Science Update

•          Literature for Modern Language for the Classroom

Grades 9-12

•          Cooking Island for GHS

•          Electronic Books for Struggling Readers          

•          Non-Fiction Titles for Grade 10 Literature Circles

•          Framing for GHS Permanent Art Collection

•           iPads for Innovative Assistive Technology

•          Cornerstone of Science Books

•          Using Video to Improve Student Learning

•          African Drumming Workshop 

Grades K-12

•          Color Guard Flags

•          Therapeutic Horseback Riding for Students with Special Needs

•          The iPad as a Treatment Modality for Occupational Therapy

 Adult Education News

We have two graduates in the adult education program this year.  A new GED program was started in the fall and the graduates will be honored in a ceremony on Wednesday, June 13th at the GHS library.

Thank you also to Jason Curry for teaching a new class, Art in History, in our adult education program.  His enthusiasm for teaching-both adults and high school students is contagious.


Thank you to the PTO for sponsoring the following trips and events this year:  

Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade – a field trip to Merrill Auditorium to see the Chinese Golden Acrobats. 

Third Grade – two trips; one to the Portland Museum of Art and the Maine Wildlife Park. 

Fourth Grade – participated in the Sweetser FOCUS Experiential Program for seven weeks and a Theatreworks Program by Ramona Quimby. 

Fifth Grade – the annual trip to Funtown to learn about physics through the rides. 

Sixth Grade – medical round robin. 

Seventh Grade – field trip to the Peabody Essex Museum.