February 2015 - Achievements & Recognition

posted Mar 5, 2015, 7:41 AM by Susan Conley

February, 2015 MSAD #51 Achievements and Recognition

Mabel I Wilson

MIW hosted a  STEM night for 50 students and families.  STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.  The evening was a great success.  Thanks to Claire Harrington, K-5 Math Coach, for coordinating this event.

The third grade held its annual Biography Wax Museum.  Students selected a famous/historic person that they wanted to learn about.  They read a biography about that individual, learned facts about the individual and then transformed into the historic figure. On the evening of the Wax Museum, students dressed like their famous person and recounted facts about their lives.  Those in attendance got to meet famous individuals ranging from Amelia Earhart to General Patton.

Greely Middle School 4-5

Greely Middle School 6-8

“A Lot Alike Week” was sponsored by the Civil Rights Team.  The purpose of the week was to promote an understanding that our similarities are greater than our differences.  Brandon Baldwin of the Maine Civil Rights Project spoke at assemblies to kick off the week-long event on Monday, February 9. There were a series of events that happened during the week, including an advisory activity in which students wrote something about their ancestry or a hobby on a sunray that was posted in the lobby of school.  

The GMS Cheering Competition team recently performed at Cheers From the Heart, a charity competition at Biddeford High School.  The 6th - 8th grade Super Stars team placed 2nd out of 8 teams in their division!  

Greely High School

Greely's Creative Collaboration Class co-taught by Maureen Holland, special education teacher, and Kelvin Hasch, technology ed teacher, is an inclusive class in which the students create products to sell through their website and at the Greely Craft fair.

This year, the class will be donating $900 to Safe Passage and $900 to Firefighters for Kids!