Achievements & Recognition June 2013

posted Aug 28, 2013, 5:35 AM by Susan Conley
MSAD #51 Achievements and Recognitions 
June 2013

 Summer is upon us, but we are sharing highlights from the end of the school year. June was a busy month!

 Mabel I. Wilson School

An end-of year tradition at MIW is our field days. Mrs. Geoghan, Mrs. Belmore, and Ms. Price took advantage of our cultural learning this year and connected the activities to China.  The students enjoyed the collaborative (versus competitive) events on their special day.

 Another big celebration this year was our safe walking achievements.  Each month students set a goal as a school to earn safe walking tickets during arrival and dismissal. Third grade students helped “monitor” the hallways and hand out safe walking tickets to students who were walking safely.  Each month, students earned a school-wide activity when they met their goal.  Sometimes, they all dressed in their pajamas or favorite sports shirts, while other days they chose to dress wacky.  The students enjoyed participating in a school-wide goal, and third graders felt important as the “hall monitors.”  All of their hard work to keep Mabel I. Wilson safe is appreciated!

 North Yarmouth Memorial School

As part of their end of year celebration assembly, NYMS recognized a couple groups of "behind the scenes" students.   Members of the Hornet Gazette, the school's student newspaper, were recognized for their quality publications each month.   The newspaper featured interviews, poems, articles, book reviews and upcoming events.   These young writers were inspired and coached by their staff leader, Mrs. Daphne Sprague.   The other group of students were those whom raised the flags each day in front of the school.  These students not only learned the etiquette for this important honor, but also about citizenship and patriotism.  Special thanks for Mr. Bob Veit and Mr. Don Volent for their part in supervising and teaching these students.Description:

 Greely Middle School

 Greely Middle School wrapped up the school year with end-of-year festivities.  In her final letter to the community, outgoing Principal Kim Brandt commented that she used to wonder whether these celebrations were necessary. Now more seasoned, Ms. Brandt remarked that these traditions, whether the Point Sebago trip for the 8th graders, team celebrations for the 7th graders or June Jamborees for the 6th graders, are an absolute priority.  As Ms. Brandt reflected: “Students and staff work so hard all year to learn and connect, to improve and to create.  It is a joy to take just a little time out of the routine to celebrate together.  To laugh and enjoy shared memories.  To honor our hard work and accomplishments and to say goodbye for the summer, feeling happy about our connections and our community.  Yes, our year-end traditions are invaluable.” Thanks to Ms. Brandt for her years of service in our district.  You will be missed!

 Greely High School

 As we’ve mentioned in the past, Alex Grover and his teammate Noah Ufkin won the Northern New England Championship Ford Competition in May to qualify for the National Championships.  They returned from Detroit in June having finished 15th out of 50 teams, (one represented each state).  To put the accomplishment in perspective, in early May, 30,000 students from across the country took the written test comprised of 100 questions.  As a result of that test, PATHS qualified two teams of two for the Northern competition.  It is rare for one school to qualify two teams, and Alex and Noah then won the right to compete in Detroit.  In the national competition, kids have no idea what "bugs" have been done to the car, or how many, and they are under the clock.  In this year’s competition, there were eight bugs.  Alex and Noah missed only one bug, where the technicians had glued one of the heater vents on the dashboard shut and they didn’t catch it.  Had they identified the problem which in the end was a simple one to fix, they would have placed 4th in the country.  Congratulations Alex and Noah!  

 Girl Scout Troop 84 is pleased to share four of their members received their Silver Award.  Claire Nicholson, Hannah Rose, Madelyn Day and Katy Price each completed projects demonstrating leadership, management and community.  The Girl Scout Silver Award—the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn—gives you the chance to show that you are a leader who is organized, determined, and dedicated to improving your community.  The Silver Award is the second highest award of the Girl Scouts of the USA.  Only Cadette Scouts ages 11–14 or in grade 6-8 can earn it.  Girls must finish a Cadette Journey prior to beginning their project.  Once the Journey is completed, girls must complete a 50 hour service project that leaves a lasting impact on the community. Upon completion of the silver award project, the Girl Scout need to submit the Girl Scout Silver Award report to their local Girl Scout Council.  Great work Claire, Hannah, Madelyn and Katy!

Aiden Black was chosen to participate and attended Dirigo Boys State.  The American Legion’s Dirigo Boys State program is a way for young men to learn about the American system of government by participating in in mock governmental system designed to mirror Maine’s government.  Participants have the opportunity to run for and be elected to mock offices ranging from town level to state constitutional offices.  Hundreds of students are nominated each year by their high school teachers and counselors to be delegates at Boys State and to be chosen is a great honor.  Congratulations Aiden!

Eliza McKenney and Jill Booth received the Lions Club Students of the Month.

 Greely’s sports teams and athletes achieved success both on and off the fields and track. The following is a summary of the highlights from the spring season:

 Greely Baseball finished their season with a record of 16 and 2.  Bailey Train, Connor Russell and Will Bryant were nominated to play in the Underclassmen All-Star Game.  Jonah Normandeau was nominated to play in the Maine Senior vs. New Hampshire All-Star Game as well as the Maine Senior West vs. East All-Star Game.  Miles Shields, Bailey Train and Jonah Normandeau were all nominated for the All-Conference 1st team.  Will Bryant, Connor Russell and Patrick Finnegan were all nominated for the All-Conference 2nd team.  Matt Ames were an Honorable Mention.  

 Greely Softball finished their season with a record of 15 and 5 and were the Western Maine Champions!  Danielle Cimino was nominated to play in the Maine Senior West vs. East All-Star Game.  Elyse Dinan and Mykaela Twitchell were nominated to play in the Underclassmen All-Star Game.  Danielle Cimino, Elyse Dinan and Haley Felkel were all nominated for the All-Conference 1st team.

 Greely Boys Lacrosse finished their season with a record of 8 and 4.  The team received the Western Maine Conference Good Sportsmanship Award for 2013.  

Greely Girls Lacrosse finished their season with a record of 9 and 3.  Meg Finlay and Sarah Holmes both received Western Maine Conference All-Academic Certificates.  Julia Mitiguy was nominated for the All-Conference 2nd team. 

 Greely Girls Outdoor Track finished first in the Western Maine Conference (record of 19 and 1) and 4th in the State Championship.  The Greely Boys Outdoor Track finished 2nd in the Western Maine Conference (record of 18 and 2) and 6th in the State Championship.  Gwen Sawyer was recognized as All-State in the Shot Put.  Gwen Sawyer and Kirstin Sandreuter qualified to participate in the New England Championships.

 Liam Campbell, Jacob Isaacson, Nathan Madeira, Kathleen McKersie and Nina Oberg all received Western Maine Conference All-Academic Certificates.  

 The following were nominated for the All-Conference 1st Team:  James Ferrar - Shot Put; Nick Maynard - Triple Jump; Hannah Keisman - 300 Hurdles; Kirstin Sandreuter - 1600 and 3200 Meter; and Gwen Sawyer - Shot Put and Discus.  

 The following were nominated for the All-Conference 2nd Team:  Liam Campbell - 800 and 1600 Meter; Ben Giffard - 110 Hurdles; Jacob Isaacson - 100 Meter; Nathan Madeira - 3200 Meter; Nick Sprague - Javelin; Alyssa Casarez - Shot Put & Discus; Hannah Keisman - Triple Jump; Sophie McMonagle - Pole Vault; and Jessica Wilson - 800 Meter and 1600 Meter.